Horizontal Presses

These machines bale any type of waste that can to be recycled. It is manufactured using steel sections and profiled steel sheet of considerable thickness giving strength and rigidity to the structure. This type of press adapts perfectly to any level of production, from small producers of waste that has been generated during their normal productive process with independence to the type of industry, to large recycling companies that specialise in processing recycling waste materials.

These machines allow several configurations of assembly depending on the design of the installation.

These balers have several options regarding the wiring of the bales produced, vertical or horizontal. The feeding system can be mechanical, pneumatic or manual. The capacity of the baler can vary from 20Tn to 350 Tn, and the system of tying can be automatic or manual.

This machine has optional auxiliary devices such as a rammer, disperser of material, bale exit device for completed bales, bin lift for the feeding of containers, Bypass, etc., to make a more effective baling process facilitating the degree of automation of the installation.